General contractor services

General contractor services to optimize construction processes
The construction of an object of any scale or the laying of communications are complex processes using human, technical and material resources.

The company "Nefteresurs" offers the services of a responsible general contractor who will undertake the full range of works on the construction and reconstruction of buildings, the implementation of complex and large-scale projects with a complex organizational structure.

Any construction work is a time-consuming process that requires the involvement of technical and human resources. The larger the project, the more systematic approach it requires in implementation.

The Customer is required to constantly monitor subcontractors, measures to organize interaction between individual performers. Lack of control often leads to various unforeseen situations: violations of the construction schedule, non-compliance with technologies, unfair attitude of specialists. The general contractor, to whom the Customer transfers the management functions, will help solve all these problems.

The general contractor will take responsibility for the progress of the construction process and ensure its compliance with the project documentation.

Why do we need a general contractor?

  • The general contractor assumes all responsibility for the implementation of the project. The customer may not waste time monitoring the progress of work.

  • The responsibility of the general contractor is the organization of work processes in terms of optimizing time and material costs.

  • The company performing the functions of a general contractor controls all stages of work and all performers - both its own workers and subcontractors.

  • The General contractor oversees the progress of work until the project is fully completed.

Thus, the general contractor saves the time and material resources of the Customer by controlling strict compliance with the current regulations for construction processes.

«Nefteresurs» is your reliable general contractor

As part of the general contractor service, our company will undertake:

  • Comprehensive management of the construction process;

  • Work with contractors and coordination of work with subcontractors;

  • Optimization of construction financing;

  • Control of compliance of the project with the project documentation at all stages of construction;

  • Organization of supplies of equipment and materials;

  • Control over the commissioning of the facility.


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