Demolition works

Demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures
Competent specialists will carry out dismantling work of any scale and structural complexity

Any building and construction has a certain period of operation, after which it loses its properties and characteristics, becoming unsafe for others.

Demolition works may also be required if serious defects are detected during the construction of the object or if it is necessary to demolish interfering or unnecessary buildings.

The company "Nefteresurs" offers dismantling services. All work is carried out in accordance with the current requirements, taking into account the peculiarities of the area and the nearby infrastructure.

Features of dismantling works

Performing dismantling works is a skillful procedure. There are many requirements for it, since one mistake can lead to material costs and human casualties.

For this reason, special attention is paid to the preparatory work and the development of the project of dismantling measures. When creating a project, the following are taken into account:

  • Materials used in the construction and their features;
  • The main parameters of the object – area, number of floors, availability of communications and others;
  • Type of construction – residential, commercial, industrial;
  • The conditions in which the work is carried out (for example, dense buildings, eroding soil, and others).

What kind of work do we do?

The high qualification of the specialists of the company "Nefteresurs" allows you to perform dismantling work of any complexity at each stage:

  • Conducting surveys.

Specialists will carefully study the object, its structural properties, the presence of emergency areas and other features.

  • Creating a project.

In accordance with the received data, experts create a project with an indication of the necessary works and their justification.

  • Removal of objects.

If there are elements in the structure that should be removed, they are removed and taken outside the site.

  • Demolition of aboveground structures.

The stage at which the main work is carried out. Dismantling works begin from the top of the structure, with a gradual transition down. If necessary, heavy special equipment is used.

  • Dismantling of underground structures.

Removal of all building elements of the foundation and part of the walls adjacent to the ground. At this stage, an excavator is used.

  • Filling the pit.

After cleaning the pit from all building elements, the surface is leveled. If necessary, the delivery of soil is carried out.

  • Garbage collection.

At the last stage, the garbage is sorted and removed from the territory.


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