Construction of food production factories

Construction of food production factories and facilities
We carry out all stages of construction of food production: from design to the moment of launch

The high demand for various types of products makes food industry facilities a common type of structures. Special requirements are imposed on the process of designing and constructing food factories and production facilities, which significantly complicates the construction process.

Compliance with the legislative framework, taking into account market standards, the need to know the nuances of food technologies and production standards make the process of choosing a contractor difficult.

Entrust the construction of food production facilities to qualified specialists «Nefteresurs» who have experience in the implementation of large turnkey food industry facilities.

Proven track record

Proven track record

Own special equipment

Own special equipment

Trusted contractors

Trusted contractors

Guarantees and certificates

Guarantees and certificates

Design of food industry facilities

Design is the basis of any food production. At the design stage, all the features of future factories, workshops, premises are taken into account: from the type of products produced and the volume of sales to technological processes.

What are we doing:

  • We design the working area of the enterprise;

  • We make a diagram of the equipment installation;

  • We are developing a plan for connecting equipment to the power grid;

  • We are developing a plan for linking premises to plumbing systems;

  • We design ventilation systems taking into account the peculiarities of production and the requirements of the SNiP;

  • We make a plan for the placement of production lines;

  • We design sewerage and water supply systems.

The result is a well-prepared project of a food enterprise that meets the standards of the industry and the requirements of legislation.

How do we work?

  1. After a preliminary consultation, specialists go to the facility for evaluation, inspections and measurements.

  2. We are developing the terms of reference necessary for the preparation of the enterprise project.

  3. We carry out the development of diagrams and drawings of the future object.

  4. We are preparing a list of equipment and a plan for its placement.

  5. Creating a plan for the installation of communications.

  6. We calculate the required production capacity.

  7. We coordinate the finished project with the Customer.

  8. We proceed to the construction, controlling each stage.

Our main feature is strict accounting of regulatory and technical documentation for the construction of food industry facilities, enterprises and food production (SanPiN, GOST, SNiP, VSTP, Urban Planning Code).

By contacting "Nefteresurs", you provide a guarantee of obtaining a high-quality result of construction work.


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Certificates and licenses

We are a member of the self-regulatory organizations of the following associations:

We are members of the Union of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Vladimir Region and the non-state register of reliable partners:

Our employees are trained annually and receive all the necessary permits to conduct work. The entire staff is equipped with a full set of branded workwear and PPE, including, in accordance with the new rules in the conditions of the pandemic, each employee is given a mask, and the workplaces are equipped with infrared thermometers and antiseptics.