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Road construction

A reliable, beautiful and hardy road is a well-designed and constructed engineering facility using advanced technologies. To carry out activities of such a plan, not only high-quality materials will be required, but also modern special equipment, managed by experienced specialists. Road construction with the intellectual and technical resources of our company is an opportunity to get high-quality and durable coating, including the arrangement of adjacent territories.

How to bake a “pie” with stone filling
Roads have always been the first and main means of the development of civilization. Over the centuries, technologies for their installation have been developed, but the ancient Romans made the most significant contribution to the quality of the road surface. It was they who came up with the preliminary development of special trenches and a multilayer structure with a stone base and concreting of the upper layer. With modern technology, the essence of the road surface remains unchanged:

underlying sand layer;
one or more base layers from crushed stone of different fractions;
asphalt pavement.
Thus, a modern sectional road resembles a layered cake, and the degree of endurance and durability of the coating depends on the quality of its “filling” and the observance of technology.

The advantages of using modern technology
The ancient Romans used slave labor to lay their roads, but only because they did not have at their disposal efficient and productive road equipment that could minimize efforts and achieve a high-quality result. The list of modern equipment includes:

hydraulic hammers;
dump trucks;
motor graders;
The presence of our own fleet of equipment for road repair and construction works and qualified operators for servicing equipment of all kinds allow operations of any scale — from laying yard and access roads to the construction of highways.

We offer the services of specialists in various fields
The final stage of the construction of roads and any construction activities is the improvement of the territory adjacent to the main object. Our experts will develop a landscape project for a specific object, free up space from unnecessary plantings, equip sites and footpaths with fences, and also greening the site, taking into account all environmental factors. The list of road construction works carried out by our company includes:

foundation preparation, including the liberation of the territory and the laying of a trench;
installation of drainage systems for drainage;
construction of temporary roads;
gabion device for soil strengthening;
installation of road and garden borders;
laying of paving slabs;
improvement and gardening of territories.
We provide our customers with the necessary construction equipment and specialized specialists, as well as general contracting services for the implementation of projects for the full cycle of road construction and land improvement.

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The accumulated experience allows us to successfully perform any tasks set by the Customer.
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More than 50 different objects were built: buildings, roads, gas pipelines, and many others.
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We have lifting equipment, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling equipment, small-scale mechanization equipment, as well as our own repair service.
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