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General contractor services

General contractor services to optimize construction processes
The construction of an object of any scale or the laying of communications are complex processes using human, technical and material resources. One of the main tasks is the proper organization of coordination and consolidation of actions of suppliers and contractors.

Since construction work involves the use of the services of specialists of various qualifications, to optimize processes and achieve maximum efficiency, it is vital to create a centralized body for the management and control of work.

The general contract is a contract of the customer with the main contractor, who undertakes to organize and conduct a set of construction activities.

Benefits of centralized construction management
The contract with the general contractor means that from now on, all planning and operational management of the processes will be concentrated in the hands of one controlling body, which can also be the executor of all or individual works. The customer does not have to delve into the nuances, as the general contractor develops a full-fledged structure for managing the implementation of the project, assumes the risks, organizes and controls the work of specialists at all stages of construction and is responsible for the quality and results. Qualified management will become the basis for ensuring the interaction of individual specialists and teams involved in concrete, installation, plumbing, engineering communications and other types of work up to the complete completion of the finished object.

We offer beneficial cooperation
Given the extensive experience, long-term cooperation with specialized companies and teams, the availability of qualified specialists and an extensive fleet of construction equipment, our company offers high-quality services of a general contractor and guarantees mutually beneficial cooperation with the customer. Our features include:

management structure development;
organization of supplies of necessary materials, machinery and equipment;
performance of work in strict accordance with design decisions;
selection of responsible subcontractors;
process coordination;
implementation of a continuous construction process;
monitoring compliance with technology, progress and safety;
timely commissioning of facilities

Our achievements
Years of experience
The accumulated experience allows us to successfully perform any tasks set by the Customer.
Completed projects
More than 50 different objects were built: buildings, roads, gas pipelines, and many others.
Units of own special machinery
We have lifting equipment, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling equipment, small-scale mechanization equipment, as well as our own repair service.
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