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Engineering systems

Even the most beautiful, from the point of view of architecture and reliability, a building cannot be complete without appropriate communications. Construction work on the construction of buildings for any purpose requires the availability of networks that provide comfortable conditions for people who will live or work in it. Engineering systems is one of the activities of our construction organization, which offers its services in the development, reconstruction, modification and installation of utilities.

What are engineering networks
Any developer understands that water is the first thing without which it will be impossible to live and function normally in a house. Therefore, it is necessary to think over the water supply and sanitation system even before the start of construction. The second most important is gas supply, which ensures the presence of heat in the building. The following is electricity, which gives light and serves as a source of energy for the operation of numerous modern appliances. But even earlier, it will be necessary to create a ventilation system for the influx of fresh air. And to ensure optimal temperature conditions at any time of the year, you need to connect an air conditioning system. Telecommunications allows you to keep in touch with the world. And to increase the level of security it will be necessary to create a network of fire and security systems.

If the walls of any building became transparent, we could see that it is all permeated with a complex communication system. The order of their design and implementation is strictly defined, starting with heating, ventilation and water supply and ending with low-current work on the installation of communication networks and gas supply.

Our specialists are ready to provide engineering communications services
The degree of complexity of the networks depends on the purpose and scale of the buildings. In some cases, updating or reconstruction of communications with simultaneous modification allows you to increase the functionality of the building or reorient its purpose. The list of work performed by our qualified specialists includes:

arrangement of water supply and sanitation networks;
installation of a gas supply network;
development and implementation of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
electric installation work;
creation of low-current cable and wire infrastructure, including telephony, Internet, television, video surveillance and security alarm systems.
Our experts have the necessary experience, equipment and qualifications for complex work on the design and installation of engineering networks that meet individual and general requirements in the construction and reconstruction of facilities for various purposes.

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