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Construction activity in cities and the suburban area often requires clearing a place for new development. Often there is a need to disassemble a dilapidated emergency building, which carries a potential danger to the life and health of others. Dismantling of buildings is the work that our company performs with precision in jewelry, accurately and smoothly, taking into account all the risks and difficulties of locating the demolished object and the terrain.

What do dismantling structures and jewelry making have in common?
Only a skilled craftsman can create an elegant miniature such that its texture and shapes perfectly match the laws of harmony and geometry. The manipulations that have to be carried out using heavy equipment during dismantling activities are identical to the honed professional movements of the jeweler. And all because such large-scale work often has to be performed in difficult conditions – places with dense buildings or next to other functioning structures. And the price of error is large material losses and human health. Therefore, the observance of safety measures, which are the result of a competently designed project of dismantling measures and the efforts of skilled workers, comes to the fore.

Features of the dismantling of various objects
Engineering calculations for dismantling take into account the specifics of the facility and the possibility of recycling individual materials. For this, a detailed examination is carried out and a plan for the involvement of different types of equipment at each stage of work is drawn up. Special algorithms are being developed for dismantling walls, partitions and communication systems, demolition of dilapidated housing and industrial structures of high complexity. At each stage, both mechanized and manual disassembly can be used. The most difficult are the technologies for dismantling high-rise buildings. Experienced specialists of our company carry out the necessary calculations and determine the best option for the demolition of buildings and cleaning the territory from the structure and environmental conditions.

We carry out dismantling with jewelry accuracy and precision
A construction organization equipped with modern technical means, having impressive experience in applying various technologies and staffed by competent specialists will carry out dismantling work of any scale and structural complexity. Among them:

coordination of all necessary documentation;
dismantling of buildings of all types;
full clearing of land for new construction;
creating glades for power lines and pipelines;
removal and disposal of construction waste;
construction waste recycling.
We go through all the difficult steps quickly and accurately. Turning to our company, you will get a guaranteed high-quality result on time.

Our achievements
Years of experience
The accumulated experience allows us to successfully perform any tasks set by the Customer.
Completed projects
More than 50 different objects were built: buildings, roads, gas pipelines, and many others.
Units of own special machinery
We have lifting equipment, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling equipment, small-scale mechanization equipment, as well as our own repair service.
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