Designing objects is a mandatory step in any construction process.
The tasks include the search for optimal solutions that ensure the safety and rationality of the project.

The main goal of our company is to manage the customer’s funds as economically and rationally as possible, using technical, managerial and organizational aspects for a comprehensive solution of construction tasks.

Nefteresurs LLC is engaged in the design of various types of facilities.

In addition, our company carries out the development of pre-project documentation, which allows us to evaluate the project and create a list of strict requirements for the further design process

Designing takes place in several stages:
Specialists determine the feasibility of the project, identify difficulties, evaluate the cost. To do this, a plan of the terrain, its terrain is drawn up, relevant documentation is prepared.

Preliminary design
The customer is clearly shown how the building will look. A sketch is a sketch, but from it you can clearly understand the location of the rooms, the appearance of the building, etc. Designers can create a model of the building in 3D format. A draft design involves not only the presence of images, but also drawings, diagrams.

Working draft
It contains all the technical information that will be needed for the construction process. This is a description of the work, diagrams, graphs, drawings. Such a project examines in detail every detail in the building (architectural units, their design, the thickness of the floors and walls, the depth of the foundation). The description in text and graphic form is created on the basis of careful calculations. In addition, the working draft provides for the specification of building materials, the best materials are selected at an affordable price for the customer.

Nefteresurs LLC provides a range of design services for various facilities, including:
Engineering networks and facilities – supply systems, treatment facilities, outdoor lighting, low-current networks, instrumentation, etc.

Industrial and civil facilities – warehouses and industrial complexes, administrative and residential buildings.

Objects of improvement – sports and playgrounds, squares and gardens, as well as landscape design projects;

Roads (including all communications)

Nefteresurs LLC provides professional preparation of project documentation. We take into account each client’s wishes down to the smallest details that affect the entire construction process, as well as the reliability and durability of the designed facilities.

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The accumulated experience allows us to successfully perform any tasks set by the Customer.
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More than 50 different objects were built: buildings, roads, gas pipelines, and many others.
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We have lifting equipment, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling equipment, small-scale mechanization equipment, as well as our own repair service.
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