Technical supervision

Technical supervision and technical customer service
Full control over the construction process

The construction industry is one of the most complex and labor-intensive industries. Any little thing can lead to serious material and time costs.

Not every Customer has the opportunity to fully take control of the construction work. In addition, the control requires knowledge of the current requirements, regulatory documentation, quality criteria, acceptance rules.

Technical supervision from the specialists of the company "Nefteresurs" will protect the interests of the Customer during the implementation of projects, as well as ensure quality control of construction and installation work at any stage.

Objectives of technical supervision

Technical supervision allows you to:

  • To control the quality of materials, equipment, structures used;

  • To ensure the quality of construction and installation work;

  • Control the spending of funds, timely preventing the problem of inappropriate and unjustified overspending;

  • To control the quality of the design solutions used;

  • Monitor compliance with construction deadlines.

Performing the functions of a technical customer

The Technical customer service assumes full control over the construction process, acting on behalf of the Investor or Developer.

The main functions of the technical customer:

  • Registration of a set of initial permits.

  • Support of the process of development of initial permits.

  • Coordination of documentation, obtaining appropriate permits.

  • Organization and management of construction, quality control of construction and installation works.

  • Commissioning of the facility.

Choosing the company "Nefteresurs" as a technical customer, you provide:

  1. Full protection of legal rights and interests;

  2. Increase of investment attractiveness of the implemented project;

  3. Compliance with deadlines;

  4. Achieving high quality construction;

  5. Reasonable use of funds and compliance with the project budget;

Our company will ensure proper and timely execution of all construction works taking into account your wishes and interests.


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