Road construction

Road construction
Full cycle of road construction and land improvement

Road construction is a complex of works that includes such areas as the design, arrangement, maintenance and repair of roadways of various types.

Performing road construction works is a labor-intensive activity that requires experience, modern equipment, knowledge of specifics and technology, and consideration of climatic features.

The company "Nefteresurs" offers road construction services. We equip reliable and durable coatings that are a full-fledged functional part of an object or territory.

Features of road construction

High-quality roads are a guarantee of comfortable and safe movement by motor vehicles. This is an invariable part of the developing infrastructure, which has many requirements. Throughput, strength, resistance to precipitation and external influences, durability are only part of the requirements, compliance with which will allow you to get a high-quality result.

The company "Nefteresurs" will take over the entire complex of road construction works:

  • Site visit, analysis of existing infrastructure, project development.

  • Performing preparatory work, cleaning the territory.

  • Excavation works - delivery and removal of soil, strengthening of the roadbed.

  • Arrangement of a concrete or crushed stone foundation.

  • Application of asphalt coating.

  • Marking, installation of lighting systems, installation of road signs and curbs.

  • Execution of works on the drainage device.

  • Performing other landscaping works.

Our advantages

  1. Own fleet.

We have our own fleet consisting of road construction equipment of leading European brands.

  1. Staff of qualified specialists.

The experience and skills of full-time specialists allows you to perform road construction work of any complexity.

  1. Competitive prices.

Our company offers an attractive pricing policy.

  1. High-quality materials.

When performing work, we use high-quality and certified materials that meet current requirements.

  1. Fast execution of works.

A whole staff of specialists and its own fleet allow you to perform work in a short time.


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Certificates and licenses

We are a member of the self-regulatory organizations of the following associations:

We are members of the Union of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Vladimir Region and the non-state register of reliable partners:

Our employees are trained annually and receive all the necessary permits to conduct work. The entire staff is equipped with a full set of branded workwear and PPE, including, in accordance with the new rules in the conditions of the pandemic, each employee is given a mask, and the workplaces are equipped with infrared thermometers and antiseptics.