Engineering systems

Services for the construction and installation of internal engineering systems
Development, reconstruction, modification and installation of utilities

Comfortable operation of any structure is impossible without workable engineering systems.

Construction and installation of engineering systems is a responsible process that should be entrusted to experienced professionals.

The specialists of the company "Nefteresurs" will provide high-quality laying of engineering networks and communications that guarantee long-term and safe operation: starting from the design process and ending with commissioning.

What kind of work do we do?

  • Power supply systems.

Installation of low-current and power wiring, installation of installation products and lighting, grounding and lightning protection systems, installation of electrical panels and alternative power supply systems.

  • Water supply systems.

Marking and laying of risers/supply lines, installation of internal pipelines, installation of necessary engineering equipment and fittings.

  • Low-current systems.

Laying of communications for telephony and Internet access, installation of LAN, video surveillance and voice notification systems, installation of security and fire alarms, installation of structured cabling systems.

  • Sewer systems.

Arrangement of risers, pipe wiring, installation of bends, provision of connections and sealing of pipes, sound insulation of the system, installation and connection of sanitary equipment, connection of nodes with the riser.

  • Heating systems.

Selection of the heating system, installation of air ducts, wiring of pipes for coolant circulation, wiring of electrical cables, installation of equipment, making connections and connections.

  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Selection of an air conditioning system, installation of mains and equipment, installation of an air distribution network, installation of electrical equipment.

Advantages of «Nefteresurs»

  1. We apply an integrated approach.

We equip buildings and structures with all engineering systems from scratch, design and install individual systems.

  1. We are meeting deadlines.

We carry out the entire scope of work even in the shortest possible time in accordance with the agreements.

  1. We use experience.

The experience of our specialists is the key to long-term and uninterrupted operation of installed engineering systems.


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Our employees are trained annually and receive all the necessary permits to conduct work. The entire staff is equipped with a full set of branded workwear and PPE, including, in accordance with the new rules in the conditions of the pandemic, each employee is given a mask, and the workplaces are equipped with infrared thermometers and antiseptics.