Design of industrial buildings and other facilities
Optimal solutions that ensure the safety and rationality of the project

Design is one of the most important stages of construction. The process of creating a well-developed project, taking into account current requirements and industry standards, ensures high-quality implementation of the facility and its operation.

The design stage is the foundation and the foundation that influences the reliability and quality of the future structure. Any new building must have technical equipment and meet modern requirements. Any miscalculation made at the design stage leads to serious material costs and problems during the construction or operation of the building.

An appeal to the professionals of the company "Nefteresurs" is a guarantee of high-quality project implementation. We specialize in the design of objects of any purpose and sphere, providing a ready-made solution that combines reasonable cost, excellent quality and fast deadlines.

Our advantages

The specialists of the company "Nefteresurs" use their many years of experience not only to achieve high-quality results, but also to reduce the costs of the Customer at all stages of construction.

In cooperation with us, each Customer can count on:

  • Careful study of the specifics of the object by specialists;

  • Analysis of business processes required for high-quality project implementation;

  • Search for optimal methods to reduce the cost and timing of construction without compromising quality and compliance with applicable regulations;

  • Constant feedback from the client, full consideration of all requirements regarding the workflow.

It is this personal approach that allows you to achieve maximum results that meet the Customer's requirements.

How do we work?

The design service is provided in three separate stages:

  • Pre-project stage.

Specialists study the features of the project and compare them with the feasibility of implementation. At this stage, engineering and geodetic surveys, preparatory architectural drawings take place, the future object is visualized. An important factor is the binding of the object to the terrain, for which a project of surveying and planning of the territory that is allocated for construction is being developed.

  • Designing.

This stage is characterized by careful preparation of sections of the project, execution of estimated calculations.

  • Preparation of working documentation.

A ready-made project describing the technologies used, diagrams and drawings are placed, materials and equipment are listed, calculations are given. Construction and installation works are carried out on the basis of the prepared project.


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Our employees are trained annually and receive all the necessary permits to conduct work. The entire staff is equipped with a full set of branded workwear and PPE, including, in accordance with the new rules in the conditions of the pandemic, each employee is given a mask, and the workplaces are equipped with infrared thermometers and antiseptics.