Capital construction

Capital construction of buildings and structures in Vladimir
One of the prerogative activities of our group of companie

Capital construction is the leading direction of the company "Nefteresurs". Any construction process requires an integrated approach, which avoids unnecessary financial costs, errors on the part of specialists, technology violations.

Our company uses an integrated approach in the implementation of each project. Long-term work in the construction market has allowed us to gain a reputation as a reliable and responsible contractor who can be entrusted with construction work of any scale and complexity.

What is included in the capital construction?

Acting as a general contractor, we undertake the whole range of work:

  • Engineering and technical surveys.

  • Development of project documentation.

  • Organization of an uninterrupted construction process.

  • Preparation of the construction site.

  • Execution of basic construction works: dismantling of structures / communications, earthworks, foundation construction of any type, construction of load-bearing walls, ceilings and partitions, manufacture of metal structures, laying of engineering communications, roofing, landscaping.

  • Commissioning of the facility.

Types of capital construction

Our company carries out all types of capital construction:

  • New construction.

Provides for the construction of new buildings, structures or facilities from scratch.

  • Expansion of an existing object.

Construction of extensions or buildings adjacent to the existing facility.

  • Reconstruction of an existing facility.

Performance of works on modernization and improvement of the existing facility. This type of work implies both the reconstruction of the facility and the improvement of the technical level.

  • Technical re-equipment.

A set of measures to improve the technical and economic level of the facility.

Why «Nefteresurs»?

  1. We provide a full range of services: from the design and approval of the project to the commissioning of the facility.

  2. We have an impressive material and technical base that allows us to implement projects of any complexity.

  3. We strictly follow the current requirements and regulations.

  4. We control every stage of construction.

  5. We optimize the project implementation process in terms of reducing material costs and deadlines.


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Certificates and licenses

We are a member of the self-regulatory organizations of the following associations:

We are members of the Union of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Vladimir Region and the non-state register of reliable partners:

Our employees are trained annually and receive all the necessary permits to conduct work. The entire staff is equipped with a full set of branded workwear and PPE, including, in accordance with the new rules in the conditions of the pandemic, each employee is given a mask, and the workplaces are equipped with infrared thermometers and antiseptics.