Строительная компания «Нефтересурс»
General contract
Nefteresurs LLC, acting as the General Contractor, assumes all risks and bears maximum responsibility for the results and quality of work to the construction customer.
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Capital construction
We carry out the whole range of design and construction works - from design to turnkey commissioning of an object.
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Engineering systems
We carry out the design and installation of engineering networks and communications of any degree of complexity.
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Road construction
Construction and asphalting of roads, overhaul of pavings, landscaping.
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Dismantling work
Mechanized dismantling of industrial and civil facilities.
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Design services for various industries.
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Construction company "Nefteresurs"

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Limited Liability Company “Nefteresurs” was established in 2006.
The purpose of the creation: capital construction and reconstruction of industrial buildings, facilities, landscaping, construction of utilities, land reclamation and landfill disposal.

The staff of the company consists of qualified engineering staff, construction crews, finishers, welders, electricians, mechanics and drivers, who are provided with all the necessary tools

The engineering staff of the organization is certified in the field of industrial safety, building control.

On the basis of the company, a fleet of special equipment (more than 50 units) necessary for the construction work (bulldozers, excavators, cranes, aerial platforms, drilling machines, dump trucks, etc.) was organized, and its own repair base was created for the operational repair of construction equipment .

The main goal set for all the staff of our organization is to fulfill the tasks set by the Customer in the shortest possible time, with proper quality and minimal burden on the Customer.

LLC Nefteresurs is a member of the SRO Association of Builders of the Vladimir Region SRO-S-107-11122009 and the SRO Association TSENTRSTROYPROEKT SRO-P-029-25092009.
Nefteresurs LLC is included in the non-state register of reliable partners at the CCI of the Vladimir Region.

Our performance
Years on the construction market
The vast experience gained allows us to successfully complete any tasks set by the Customer.
Implemented projects
More than 50 different objects have been built and put into operation: buildings, roads, gas pipelines, solid waste landfill.
Units of own special equipment
At our disposal are lifting equipment, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling equipment, means of small-scale mechanization, as well as our own repair service.
Our projects
All projects
How we are working ?
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Free technical task

The terms of reference is a document developed jointly with the Customer, which indicates: the purpose of the premises, technical specifications, quality criteria, all technical and economic, as well as special requirements.

Carefully drawn up and worked out TK will significantly speed up the design, because all fundamental decisions are made at this stage. After signing the final version of the statement of work, within 1-2 days we provide the Customer with a preliminary enlarged estimate based on which the Customer makes a decision on the advisability of further cooperation with us.

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Coordination of
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Coordination of construction conditions

Preparation of a commercial proposal and coordination of project financing. Competent budgeting allows you to comfortably plan construction costs while meeting deadlines.

The result of this step is to determine the total cost of the project and a detailed cost plan.

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Project start and management

At this stage, the Customer and the contractor become partners with one common interest – the successful implementation of the project. The customer provides financing, the contractor, using all the accumulated experience and resources, performs all the tasks.

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